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About Us

My name is Eric Carr and I am the founder and owner of Crooked Creek Antler Art.

I have always been interested in the outdoors. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a great dad who shared his love of the outdoors with me. I have fond memories of hunting and fishing with him. As I grew older, I developed a deep passion for deer hunting. We are blessed to have some quality farm ground with some small wooded areas behind our house in rural Illinois where I have been able to harvest two trophy bucks -- one a non typical 140's class and a very nice 8 point with12" G2's. My dad has taken three nice trophy bucks ranging from 130s to 150s class. In 1998, I started making small items such as key chains and tie tacks for some extra cash to buy hunting products. My parents had been looking at log homes for awhile and had an interest in antler lighting and rustic home decor. So they purchased antler lamps from Ebay. One fell off the table and broke into pieces as it was glued together, and the other requires a prop under it to keep from falling over. I knew I could do better.

So, in 2001 I started making lamps and as time went on we began experimenting with other products including chandeliers and furniture. We started out very small -- more of a hobby in the beginning. Now we manage a full time business with a vast product line. What sets us apart from other antler artists? We strive to make each product with the best possible care using the highest quality materials. This means we only use the best quality fresh shed antlers from Moose, Elk, Whitetail, Fallow and Mule Deer. We never fool our customers by staining our antlers. All antlers are as fresh and natural as the day the animal dropped them.

Why do people like working with us? We are a small, family business that strives to put the customer first. When you purchase a product from us, it is lovingly handcrafted in our small workshop by me or one of our skilled craftsmen. We are not an assembly line in some factory. We are craftsmen who try hard to fit every customer's need and budget. In addition, all of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.

I have several people that help make Crooked Creek Antler Art what it is today. My wife, Carrie, has always supported me in this venture. Amy is my "Go to Girl."  She will probably be the one you talk to if you call.  She does all the books, manages the website, processes orders and keeps me in line. My mother, Carolyn Carr and father Phil Carr helped us out alot in the beginning. Levi and Rahel are great shop hands that enjoy working with the antlers and Connie and Michelle help with the packaging.  We have a great team and look forward to working with you. We cut up thousands of antlers each year and the Antler Knobs are a great addition to any rustic setting.

We try to use every part of each antler so we are the ultimate recyclers. So whether you have bought from us in the pas or considering purchasing from us now or future, we hope you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with you.

May God bless you in His great outdoors!

Eric Carr
owner Crooked Creek Antler Art

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